Parish Ministers and Volunteers Appreciation Mass, Sunday, February 11 at 12 Noon Mass


Lent at Sacred Hearts – St. Stephen

Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2018

7:30AM – Prayer Service

8:30AM – Mass

12 Noon – Mass

3:45PM – Prayer Service

6:15PM – Prayer Service


Engaging the Mind during Lent

Why Do Catholics Do That?

(30 minute discussions at 11:15AM over three Sundays in the Main Church)

The Meaning and Structure of the MassFebruary 25 with John Heyer

Decoding Symbols of Scripture and the SacramentsMarch 4 with Msgr. Massie

The Church Calendar as the Image of Christ’s LifeMarch 18 with Nancy Arkin


Engaging the Soul during Lent

Stations of the Cross                                         Eucharistic Adoration                                  

Fridays at 7PM in the Church                                     Saturdays from 4:30-5:30PM in the Church


February 16                                                                               February 17

English/Italian                                                                           For the Intention of Migrants & Refuges


February 23                                                                               February 24

English/Italian                                                                           For the intention of Victims of Violence


March 2                                                                                       March 3

Stations for Social Justice                                                 For the intention of the Poor & Vulnerable


March 9                                                                                      March 10

Stations re-enacted by the Children of the parish          Adoration with Children


March 16                                                                                     March 17

Contemporary Prayer Service centered on                     For the intention of those who seek Healing

The Passion according to Mark


March 23                                                                                     March 24

Stations for those facing Grief and Loss                          For the intention of those facing Grief & Loss  










All Are Welcome



Feel free to E-mail us at info@sacredhearts-ststephen.com

Thank you to all who made our 150th Anniversary year a time of renewal and growth as we strive to Share Faith and Build Community

Parish Celebrates 150th Anniversary




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