Your Invitation to… Welcome People to the Church As a Greeter


Become a Greeter and welcome everyone into the most beautiful Church in Brooklyn while getting to know the community. A greeter is usually the first person visitors and regular parishioners meet when they enter the church. Greeters set the mood and spirit for those who have come to worship. Your friendly smile or a cordial greeting will invite people to return to our church.


To Join The Ministry…

  • Arrive to Mass 15 minutes before Mass begins
  • Be willing to smile at and shake the hands of others
  • Attend Greeter training
  • All are invited … Children and Adults


To learn more or sign up to become a Greeter email and put “Greeter” in the subject


Ministry Contacts:

John Mark DePalma and Edwin Rivera


I am the Church, You are the Church, We are the Church… TOGETHER!