at Sacred Hearts – St. Stephen Parish

The Vocation of Marriage is the divine call to show forth the love of God for the world in the love of husband and wife for each other.


The bride and the groom at the wedding are themselves the “ministers” of this sacrament. For Roman Catholics, a priest or deacon must witness the marriage with two other witnesses (normally the best man and maid of honor).


The Church imposes numerous requirements on a couple to marry validly because the commitment of married love is so important for the couple and plays such an integral role in the sacramental life of the Church. Thus, an extensive pre-marital preparation program is in place which normally requires at least six months to complete.

  • It is not a requirement that a couple reside in Sacred Hearts – St. Stephen parish to be married at our church.
  • Wedding rehearsals can be arranged upon request.
  • We welcome you to invite your own Catholic Clergy to celebrate the marriage if you like.
  • If you or your fiancee would like to apply for an annulment from a previous marriage we will guide you through the process 1 year before your wedding.
  • If you or your fiancee would like to become a Baptized Catholic or if you are a Catholic who has not yet received First Holy Communion or Confirmation, we offer the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and sacramental preparation in the parish on Sundays following the 10AM Mass.
  • Wedding Music at Sacred Hearts – St. Stephen 
  • Diocese of Brooklyn Pre-Cana Class Schedule 
  • Readings for Your Wedding


If you wish to celebrate your wedding at Sacred Hearts – St. Stephen, contact Msgr. Guy Massie at the Parish House 718.596.7750 or as soon as possible after your engagement and certainly before any plans are made about a reception or other arrangements. If you plan to celebrate your wedding somewhere other than Sacred Hearts – St. Stephen, the parish can offer pastoral assistance to you if necessary with your preparation and meeting the Church requirements.