DURING COVID 19 PHASE 1 REOPENING THE FOLLOWING APPLIES IN ADDITION TO THE OTHER INFORMATION FOUND ON THIS PAGE: Confessions will take place with the priest and penitent both wearing masks and remaining at least six (6) feet distant from one another. Appointments must be made of confession to assure that no lines or groups form. You may call the rectory and make an appointment with Msgr. Massie directly at 718-596-7750. Please note that Confessions may take place in the church yard at the rear of the rectory or some other agreed upon large private space which allows the 6 foot separation.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation, as known as Confession, is an experience of God’s forgiving love that not only absolves us from past failures but, more importantly, provides God an opportunity to gift us with grace to make better choices in our future. This sacrament also provides an individual with an opportunity, in absolute confidentiality, to discuss particular areas of personal concern with a priest.


The sacrament is available every Saturday from 4:45 PM to 5:30 PM in the church either in the first pew in front of the image of Sacred Heart or by request in the confessional at the back of the Church. An individual may also call the Parish House at 718.596.7750 to make an appointment to speak with a priest.