Altar Servers

An Invitation to… Serve at Mass as a Child or Adult Altar Server

This is a wonderful opportunity to become a more active member of our parish and learn more about the mass from a different point of view. Your role, through your actions and conduct, is to bring those attending Mass to a fuller understanding of the celebration and a greater love for God. You have a place of honor at Mass because you assist the priest in many ways, helping everyone to pray more perfectly.


To Minister at Mass…

  • Meet with one of the Senior Altar Servers
  • Attend At-Mass training
  • You should have already received your First Holy Communion
  • Adults must be trained in child safety (Provided by the Diocese)


For more information or to sign up to become an Altar Server email info@SacredHearts– and put “Altar Server” in the subject.


Ministry Contacts:

John Heyer, Julianna LeBron-Rivera, Michael & Antionetta Delgado


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