Wedding Music

A Parish Guide to Planning Your Music

This information is for all couples planning weddings at Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen, to help you plan your music:

Catholic weddings contain both vocal and instrumental music. You may already be familiar with much of the vocal music from attending church on Sundays. For instrumental music, we provide here some recordings to help you imagine the possibilities.

Instrumental Music

Preludes (during the Gathering and Seating of the Assembly):  The time before the ceremony sets the tone for the liturgy. Generally cheerful music played as people gather in the church is best. See the recordings list below for some sample preludes.
The Processional:  An inspirational highlight of the ceremony! This is the time for grand, festive instrumental music. The procession is commonly made up of two pieces of music – one for the entrance of the bridal party, and a second piece for the bride (or couple). The lists of suggestions and recordings below have pieces for both parts of the procession.
The Recessional:  The music should be joyful; it’s time to celebrate! Some people like the traditional Mendelssohn Wedding March; others prefer Ode to Joy, or maybe one of the upbeat & bubbly marches by Clarke, Purcell, or Handel. Check the recordings below.

Vocal Music

All wedding liturgies include a Responsorial Psalm, (so-called because it responds to your 1st reading), just like regular Sunday Mass. Your choice of Psalm should be based on the text, not the music. The texts can be found in your pre-Cana materials (where you choose your scripture readings). The psalms are also listed in the suggestions below.

Special Music at a ceremony follows the exchange of rings. At this time you may have a candle-lighting, a flower presentation, and/or the signing of the marriage license. This music can be instrumental or vocal. When Mass is celebrated there is music during communion. Suggestions for these parts of the wedding are listed below, and the words and music to most vocal selections can be found in the church songbooks, “Today’s Missal.”

Additional Musicians are Available!

Vocal and instrumental soloists are encouraged and can add great beauty to your wedding. The Music Director is the coordinator for hiring these additional musicians, and will be happy to be in contact with you as you choose your favorites.

While the parish organist is a good singer, an additional professional vocalist can greatly enhance the wedding liturgy. Available vocalists include St Stephen’s own Choir Director Jennifer Wu (you may hear her on Sundays), our Choir Director Emerita Evelyn Troester DeGraf (you may here her here on the website), and the professional vocal ensemble, Ghostlight Chorus. Instruments that sound great in our church and have proved to be popular with couples include trumpets, flute, violin, cello, harp, string quartet or brass quartet. If you’re choosing trumpet or a brass quartet, a nice addition to that is timpani/percussion.

The cost for extra musicians is little compared with most wedding expenses, and your ceremony will benefit greatly from this relatively small investment (see below for fee list). At your request, additional musicians are hired for you by the parish music director. Your payments are made directly to the musicians, and are to be submitted via the music director no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding. Fees for 2022 bookings are listed below. Guest organists are generally not permitted.

UPDATE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC (2022):  we can still have multiple musicians perform at your wedding, but they will all be in the loft, at a safe distance from your guests.

Important Note

Musicians serving at your wedding are from within the parish music ministry of Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen. The parish employs an organist who sings, and maintains a roster of professional singers and instrumentalists who are available for your wedding. The musicians recommended by the church perform here regularly, and their wealth of experience here results in the best performances. Outside musicians consistently have not measured up, and this is why they are no longer permitted. This has been especially true of wedding entertainment companies that market at catering halls & “bridal shows,” and of family & friends who “like to sing” but may have little real experience singing as soloists at important events, or who may find themselves too overcome with emotion to perform well. GUEST MUSICIANS – those not specifically recommended by our parish – ARE NOT PERMITTED. If a performer would like to be added to our parish roster of professional musicians, he or she should contact the music director to schedule an audition.


  1. Te Deum
  2. Canon in D
  3. Trumpet Voluntary
  4. Bridal Chorus

Vocal Music During the Ceremony:

  1. Ave Maria (solo)
  2. The Gift of Love (duet)
  3. Aurora (Italian devotional song)
  4. Panis Angelicus (song during Communion)

Instrumental Music During the Ceremony:

  1. Laudate Dominum
  2. Ave Maria (by Gounod)
  3. La Grace
  4. One Hand, One Heart (string quartet)


  1. Wedding March
  2. Hornpipe
  3. Spring (string quartet & classical guitar)
  4. Rondeau, by Mouret (brass quartet)
  5. Trumpet Tune (string quartet & guitar)

Sample Preludes:

  1. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (brass quartet – with opening fanfare)
  2. Canzona, by Gabrieli (brass quartet)
  3. Air, by JS Bach (string quartet & guitar)
  4. Suite in D, by J Clarke – MinuetSybelleBourreeEcossaisseGigue
  5. Serenade, by J Clarke – (trumpet & string quartet)

Your Selections

Once you’ve reviewed this online guide and recordings, you may follow the steps below to list your selections and submit your information to the music director via email.  If you have any special requests that are not covered in this online guide, please feel free to call or email.  This is a special liturgy, and the music should be both appropriate and meaningful to you, your families, and your guests.

All couples must submit the following 4 items of information along with your music requests:

  1. your names
  2. wedding date AND time
  3. Email (or phone) where you can be reached
  4. The number of people in your wedding party who will process in at the beginning of the wedding.  Do not include the bride & groom in this count.  Please specify how many women, men, and children will be walking down the aisle.  If there is more than one “maid of honor,” please specify.

All couples should choose ONE piece from EACH section below.
Bold Print = Music Director’s Favorites

I.  Procession, Part I – Wedding Party

II.  Procession, Part II – Bride/Couple’s Entrance

III.  Responsorial Psalm

  • Psalm 33 “The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord”
  • Psalm 34 “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord:
  • Psalm 103 “The Lord is kind and merciful”
  • Psalm 128 “May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives”
  • Psalm 145 “The Lord is kind and full of compassion”

IV.  Song after the Exchange of Rings

  • Ave Maria (Schubert)
  • I Have Loved You
  • The Gift of Love (duet)
  • Hear Us Now, our God and Father
  • Christ, Be Our Light
  • Love One Another
  • Where There Is Love
  • May God Bless You
  • We Are the Light of the World
  • The God of All Grace
  • Ave Maria (Gounod) – requires additional vocalist
  • Instrumental – requires additional instrumentalist – Laudate DominumAve MariaLa GraceSerenade, Panis Angelicus, Ave Verum, etc.

V.  Recessional

VI.  If your wedding is a MASS, choose one Communion Song:

  • One Bread, One Body
  • Christ, Be Our Light
  • Panis Angelicus
  • We Are the Light of the World
  • The God of All Grace
  • For the Beauty of the Earth
  • Bread of Life (by Fisher)
  • Ubi Caritas (by Hurd)
  • Instrumental – requires additional instrumentalist – Laudate Dominum, Panis Angelicus, Ave Verum, etc.

Compile your list – the 4 required items (names, date, etc) listed above, and ONE selection from each section listed (5 selections for a ceremony, 6 for a Mass), and send via email to the parish music director (Email:

About the Music Director

James Lake, Parish Organist & Director of Music
–  Jim has been the organist and music director at Sacred Hearts & St Stephen since 2003. He earned his Master of Music degree as a scholarship student at Manhattan School of Music, and a Bachelor of Music at Rice University’s prestigious Shepherd School of Music. Jim’s continuing organ studies were at the Cathedral-Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, NJ, and at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. A frequent performer with symphony orchestras, Jim has performed at all of New York City’s major concert venues, including Carnegie & David Geffen Halls, the Metropolitan Opera, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Barclays Center. As a recording artist, Jim has performed for television and radio, and was heard on Broadway as a soloist in the soundtrack to Lincoln Center’s Tony-Award-winning production of War Horse.  He has performed at over 1,000 wedding ceremonies over the past 25 years.